Shoulder surgery.

On 21st September I had stabilisation surgery of my left shoulder which dislocates frequently.

I had to be at Guy’s Hospital for 7am as they had to take blood tests prior to my surgery as they were unable to get blood at my pre op. I went to the ward and had to wait in the day room for a while before being taken to a bed.

Eventually they got blood and I had to wait for results before I was able to have my surgery. At around 3pm they came to collect me for my operation and it took a few hours to do.

I was told that my shoulder was a lot more lax than they expected and they tightened both the front and the back of it to try to avoid it dislocating again. I saw the surgeon again this week who showed me the photos of inside my shoulder and how they’ve anchored it; I also had my stitches removed.

I started physio today which was good but my shoulder is still very stiff and painful so I have a long road to go yet.

I can take the sling off for short periods of time to do my exercises but I have to keep it on for the most part and at night. I have another appointment for physio in three weeks so it will be reviewed again then.

Thank you all so much for the gorgeous cards, gifts and messages you’ve sent throughout this time, they mean so much to me.

3 thoughts on “Shoulder surgery.

  1. Sending love Ella, I’ve been in the throws of a MH crisis so not seen your updates. I’m sorry you have so much to deal with, I wish I could offer more than words. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, Tonia xxxxxx

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